Terms and Conditions

1 – Definition of Terms and Conditions.
This contract is between Rafael Martínez Imaz, referred to as the Rental Company, and the client identified on the first clause of the general conditions, referred to as customer.

2 – Collection and Return of Campervan
1. The rented campervan is available from 15:00 on the day the rental agreement begins and must be returned before 11:00 on the day the agreement ends. Any exceptions to this are only possible with written approval from the Rental Company and may be subject to an additional pick up/return fee.
2. The customer acknowledges having received the campervan in clean condition and proper working order with all accessories and five tires, with no detectable defects; The customer will return the campervan and all accessories in similar clean condition and will be liable to a  €50,- cleaning fee if the campervan is returned unclean. The fuel, water and gas tanks will be full on departure. The customer will return the campervan with a full fuel tank. In case the campervan is not returned with a full fuel tank, the customer will pay the cost of refueling.
3. In case the customer receives a portable toilet on the day of arrival, he acknowledges to have received it in clean condition and will return it in similar clean condition. Failure to do so will result in an additional cleaning fee of €150,-
4. Any loss or damage of the campervan itself, or in campervan documents, keys, accessories, equipment or spare parts, will be fully charged to the Customer.
5. The Customer will return the campervan on the agreement’s term in the agreed location and on the agreed time. Delay in return of the campervan will result in an additional fee of €25 per hour. In case the campervan is not returned in the agreed location, the Customer is fully liable for any resulting cost.
6. The customer agrees to allow himself adequate time to arrive at the airport for the return flight (end inspection by the Rental Company will take at least 30 minutes) The Rental company is in no way responsible for reimbursing missed flights for any reason.
7. If, for any reason that is not the Rental Company’s responsibility, such as a delay by the previous client, accident, theft, breakdown, or any other situation that compromise the delivery of the reserved campervan, it is not possible to deliver the campervan, the Rental Company will reimburse the Customer the total amount already paid. In this case the Customer is not entitled to any compensation or refund beyond the value paid for the rental. The customer acknowledges that he is advised to take out travel insurance for this purpose.
8. In case the campervan is used in a way that violated the terms of this agreement, the Rental Company will, without any need of judicial intervention, automatically resolve this agreement. In this case, the Rental Company reserves the right to recover the campervan without previous notice. The Customer will not receive a refund and will be liable for all charges involved.

3 – Bookings and cancellation
1. To confirm the reservation, the customer must pay 30% of the total rental amount via bank transfer within 7 days of requesting the reservation.
2. The Rental Company will confirm each reservation by email after reception of the amount mentioned in article 3.1
3. The remaining 70% of the total rental amount must be paid cash on the day of arrival. Failure to pay will be considered as a cancellation, which is subject to the cancellation fees mentioned in article 3.5
4. If the customer wants to make any changes to an existing reservation, he will have to contact the Rental Company. Changes will only be allowed after written approval by the Rental Company.
5. In case of cancellation of the reservation by the customer, the following cancellation fees will apply, payable to the Rental Company::
– Until 90 days before start of the rental period: EUR 100,- to cover for administrative expenses
– Between 90 and 14 days before start of the rental period: 50% of the total rental amount
– Less than 14 days before start of the rental period: total rental amount

4 – Age and driver’s license
1. The customer and any additional drivers must be a minimum age of 23 years old, at the start of the rental period.
2.The customer and any additional drivers should be the holder of a valid class B driver’s license (light campervans) for at least 3 years. In case of non-EU residents, a valid International driver’s license is required.
3. In case the conditions in items 1 and/or 2 are not met, it will be considered as a cancellation, subject to the fees mentioned in article 2.5
4. Drivers under the age of 25 will be subject to an additional insurance fee of €50 per week.

5 – Security deposit
1. The customer will pay a cash security deposit of € 500 on date of arrival. Without this security deposit the reservation will be cancelled without refund.
2. Any cost incurred by the Rental Company as a result from this agreement will be debited from the security deposit. In case the security deposit is not sufficient to cover the cost of any damage or other cost set out in this agreement, the customer will reimburse the Rental Company in full.
3. The security deposit will be returned to the customer within after the rental period, after inspection by the Rental Company. Any damages or other cost that could not be detected on the return of the campervan by the customer will be debited from the security deposit.

6 – Payments
The customer is obliged to pay to the Rental Company all expenses, as follows:
a) The full rental amount, including rent of optional extra’s and insurances.
b) Any parking fines, road traffic fines or penalties or charges incurred by road toll use during the rental period.
c) All duties and taxes that tributes campervan rental or Customer’s fixed amount for tax refund;
d) Any other fees or charges pursuant to this Agreement, including any costs incurred by the Rental Company as a result of any breach of the terms of this agreement.
e) Daily rental charge for the time the campervan is off road for repairs due to any accident or damage or any breach of the terms in this agreement.

7 – Insurance
1. The rented campervan is covered by basic liability insurance covering damages to third parties. This insurance does not cover any damage to the rented campervan. The maximum amount of excess the customer is exposed to is €2000
2. The Customer may opt for additional insurance:
a) Partial Collision Damage Waiver: For an additional daily charge of € 15,- the Customer reduces the maximum excess to €750.
b) Extra Collision Damage Waiver: For an additional daily charge of € 20,- the Customer reduces the security deposit and maximum excess to €250.
3. In case of an accident, theft, robbery or any other misfortune, the Customer will notify the Rental Company and police authorities immediately; the customer will obtain names and addresses of all persons and witnesses involved and will not accept blame or insist the other party is at fault, accept any settlement offer or other offer. The Customer agrees to assist the Rental Company in handling any claim arising from any event, including providing all relevant information and attending court to give evidence at his own cost. The Rental Company will make, at its own discretion, every effort to replace the campervan, depending on availability and who was at fault.
4.  In case of an accident, theft or robbery, the Customer is always liable up to the maximum excess corresponding to the agreed insurance option.
5. The customer acknowledges that only the person(s) named in the Rental Agreement will be insured to drive.
6. The Customer will be fully liable for all damage that has occurred as a result of using the campervan off tarmac roads.
7. In case of theft or robbery of the campervan the Customer will immediately notify the police and Rental Company and hand over the campervan keys and police report within 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in full liability of the Customer for all related expenses.
8. The Customer is fully liable for all expenses, including compensation for the time the campervan is neutralized, resulting from negligent, imprudent or reckless use of the campervan (including but not limited to excessive speed, driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any illegal substance that diminishes driving ability), regardless of the insurance option chosen.

8 – Campervan maintenance and repair
1. In case of any noticeable mechanical fault in the campervan, the customer must immediately immobilize the campervan and contact the Rental Company, who will give instructions on how to proceed.
2. If it’s not possible to solve the situation within 24 hours and if it is not the result of negligent, imprudent or reckless use the Rental company will provide a replacement vehicle if one is available. If no vehicle is available the Customer will receive a refund for the remaining days.

9 – Litigation
1. The losing party will be responsible for all legal costs including the other party lawyer’s
2. The parties agree on the designated addresses for the purpose of any judicial or extrajudicial summon or notification.
3. In the event of a legal dispute as to the meaning of any terms of this contract, the parties agree that the jurisdiction is the one corresponding to the rental center.